Nine Easy Self Love Exercises.

Self-love is an important part of our mental health and wellbeing. It is an ever-evolving concept of ourselves which may see dramatic shifts when we go through personal changes. Unfortunately, periods of abrupt change, failure, and other challenges can leave us being pretty hard on ourselves. And the bad news is, that beating ourselves up doesn’t really help. Criticism has a profound impact on the way that our brains work and stifle creative problem solving in favour of critical thinking, It causes us to catastrophise problems and become over-whealmed. We produce more stress hormones and fatigue our adrenals, eventually burning out. This can be associated with Anxiety, Fatigue and Depression, so, we need to currate a positive attitude toward ourselves at our core.

At the end of the day, whilst a supportive spouse or financial security or other external factors are great, they may not always be there for us to rely on. At the rock bottom times, we only have ourselves, so if your foundation with yourself is shaky, you’ll suffer a loss far more profoundly than if you genuinely treat yourself with love and respect.

Just as we go through many phases in our lives, our concepts of ourselves evolve and ebb over time, and this means that we should work consistently to make sure we are sustaining positive mental habits.

Here are a few really simple, essential mental housekeeping exercises you can use to carry you through the challenges you may be faced with and help you build a positive relationship with yourself.