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Erin Ricketts Northern Beaches Kinesiologist Natural Therapist Coach Success


"I am really motivated by helping people access the deeply held inner guidance that will allow them to heal and blossom into their best selves. The best feeling you can have as a practitioner is getting goosebumps when you finally get to witness a client having that moment of clarity that will change them forever."


Erin first obtained her Cert. IV in Kinesiology in 2012, and went on to study Total Body Modification from the United States, Kinergetics and Vibrational Essences. Erin's drive to reach her personal best and empower her clients by being a top Practitioner also saw her complete her Diploma of Kinesiology in 2015. Erin believes that her practice is a continuously evolving in 2018 she undertook a Women's Circle Facilitator Course, and An Introduction to CBT and she has no plans on stopping there.
Erin has been pulled toward holistic health since a young age. Despite having an experience of connection to spirituality and a strong intuitive sense, she wanted a to study a more scientifically comprehensible method of helping people transcend their limitations and finally realised the best method for her to help others after a Kinesiology session changed her life.

"I had a Kinesiology session with an amazing local Kinesiologist, Jen Cudmore, because I was feeling stuck, lost and alone. I had not been menstruating at all for over eighteen months and I was struggling with Anxiety. At first I was somewhat sceptical- Kinesiology can seem a bit odd!
I was stunned when after she performed a simple biochemical correction and helped me uncover and heal a severe emotional trauma that I got my normal cycle back the VERY NEXT DAY. It felt like I'd just experienced a miracle. I wondered “How on earth did my emotions do that?” It ultimately turned out to be the first of numerous breakthroughs, but ever since that day I have been fascinated with researching the mind-body connection and the effect of stress on the body and have spent many years educating myself and developing as a professional in my own right."

After ongoing sessions and following a supportive lifestyle Erin now credits Kinesiology and Alternative Medicine for her recovery from Anxiety and hopes to share the amazing gift of Kinesiology with others who are struggling and alone.

"Life's great adventure is turning a dream into reality.

Let me help you make your life extraordinary."

- Erin Ricketts


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