Kinesiology relies on muscle testing, which bypasses the critical mind to access stress held within the subconscious mind and cellular memories. This allows access to the bodies data on hidden imbalances, related to biochemistry, emotional stress, and physical imbalance. The result of clearing imbalance at this level can be surprisingly effective.

Your body has an intricate bio-feedback system which can be analysed by testing your muscles.
When the body is under stress, this inhibits the electrical impulses which travel through the nerves between the brain and body and thus impair normal muscle function. When this occurs the muscles reflect the stress in the central nervous system through specific "weak" muscle responses which a trained Kinesiologist can analyse to get vital information. For example If a food is OK when placed on the clients body, the muscle tests strong, if it is not OK the muscle tests weak.

The Kinesiologist accompanies the client through a process of discovery, sifting through, revealing and diffusing those key stresses (chemical, physical or mental) which would otherwise stop them achieving their goals.

In the forefront of medicine it is now widely accepted that any dysfunction which has manifested is the result of stress. Through identifying and correcting stress the body becomes capable of doing what it is designed to do, and may heal itself.

Surprisingly, emotional stress not only effects the way you respond to the world, it also has a powerfully destructive effect on the body and is often related to the onset of real physical imbalances (read more HERE.) Muscle testing is used to identify which specific past trauma may have led to the formation of an imbalance, negative belief systems or habit.


Using something called “surrogate” muscle testing, a practitioner may use their own muscles or that of a third party who is present with the practitioner to do the muscle testing, as a surrogate for the person receiving the treatment. Just the same way as a muscle tests weak when face to face and a practitioner asks your body with clear intention to identify a stress, the practitioner's muscle's can be used with the clear intention of testing the clients energy system, and in Erin's experience it is very effective. Erin was trained in remote testing in her Cert. IV in 2011 and has used it with many clients effectively. Generally people with a deeper conviction in Holistic Healing practices and Quantum Physics embrace the practice more readily. If you have reservations or questions, feel free to get in touch. 


Once the root of imbalance is identified, a wide variety of balancing methods may be employed to restore optimum balance, including :

  • Meridian and chakra energy balancing

  • Neurological techniques

  • Muscular Techniques

  • Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Chiropractic reflexes

  • Emotional release

  • Massage

  • Vibrational medicine including, essences, colour therapy and crystals

  • Nutritional advice

  • Specific actions to take

  • Affirmations

Kinesiology is a growing field and our awareness of what we can achieve through it evolves everyday. Some specialise in Business coaching, Energy Healing, Brain Integration, Nutritional Balancing or Chiropractic Kinesiology. In each approach the premise is the same - let the body tell us hat it wants/needs to reach our goals. The answers we receive are often astounding and insightful.

Many are now harnessing the insights they gain from Kinesiology to fast-track their goals into reality.


Anyone who is really ready to change their lives can use Kinesiology.

Because kinesiology reveals the body's overall state of structural, chemical and emotional balance, many people find it is useful when applied to a wide range of health and wellbeing concerns.

Kinesiology is not a diagnostic tool, and does not aim to treat any named disease. Kinesiology is a perfect complement to all other forms of medicine. Western medicine focuses on disease and symptom management Body, Heart & Soul focuses on making sure a client's lifestyle, diet, environment, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects are all 100% aligned in achieving their goals.

Energetic medicine suggests that the body does everything it does because it is in its highest good and when you remove the stress underlying the imbalance optimum health may be achieved.

Erin knows the power of approaching health with awareness to all aspects including physical, chemical and emotional and loves assisting others develop a lifestyle which supports optimal wellness and fulfillment.

In Erin’s practice, she focuses on identifying what stress, whether chemical, emotional or physical may be causing any particular problem, and does not merely treat symptoms. Her unique holistic approach allows her to focus on any underlying energetic or mental cause which may need to be addressed before healing can occur. Once found she assists clients to remedy the stress which is causing imbalance. When we remove stress from the body, the body is more capable of doing what it is designed to do, healing itself.

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