"There is no one, Universal response to Kinesiology, the most common feedback I get is that Kinesiology connects the client to the revelation they need to move forward, this gives them feelings of greater ease, direction, balance, synchronicity and positivity." -Erin Ricketts


"Since my session with Erin last week... my life has changed! I have not had my normal reproductive issues at all... which is something I have been envisioning for 2 years!! And this week... I have savings in my account. Everything we focused on in the session has grounded. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!! I so appreciate Kinesiology and the beautiful people like Erin that practice it."


"I definitely noticed a shift about 2-3 days after seeing Erin. I felt really good, my head was clearer. (My Son) and I feel so much closer. It has been amazing. I have also started to connect more with my spirit which has been incredible. I have had quite a few cases of getting full on goosebumps when I hear something that it feels like I was meant to hear or reading up on something that I feel like my soul really wanted me to explore. Thank you, Erin!"


"Erin truly reflects her business name and philosophy. I had a wonderful session with her. Clarifying, revealing layers that I wasn't aware of. I felt wonderful afterwards and very productive. Erin has a beautiful way about her that relaxes and supports. She is skilled in her craft leaving you with confidence. I highly recommend visiting her soon." 


"Best Kinesiology ninja I've had the honour of working with... Super special extra powerful human and highly recommend working with her."