These at-home LED Photon Therapy Facial Masks are getting people to rethink their beauty routines and save money on conventional spa treatments.

This clear design mask is easy to use, lightweight and best of all, affordable.

7 colour functions including:

Red light: 630nm. Promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, smooth fine lines, shrink pores, and promote collagen.

Green light: 520nm. Balance moisture and oil. Calm the skin.

Blue light: 470nm. Sterilise, reduce acne and pimples, repair skin.

Purple light: Reduce acne marks and fade scars.

Transparent Blue light: Enhance cell energy and boost metabolism.

Yellow light: 590nm. Improve rough skin and relieve sensitive skin.

Dark Purple light: Fade pigmentation, improve fine lines and tighten skin.


Seven function LED Light Therapy At-Home Spa Facial Mask

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