“My day begins and ends with Gratitude and Joy.” - Louise Hay


What would life be like if you could:

  • Find yourself bursting with positive emotions?
  • Cultivate a healthier state of mind?
  • Find yourself more positive and polite?
  • Demonstrate greater kindness and generosity?
  • Become acutely aware of how abundant your world truly is?
  • Become less concerned with trivial matters?
  • Improve your relationships & health?
  • Attract more positive circumstances into your life?


This pioneering 21 Day program offers such benefits in as little as 15 minutes a day.


Written and Developed by Kinesiologist Erin Ricketts, 21 Days of Gratitude artfully balances Science, Psychology, Energy Medicine and Spirituality to assist students transcend unhappiness and reprogram the mind to cultivate a powerful abundance mindset.

If you like EFT or NLP, you’ll love this program!

Erin shares tools never previously published to the layman, designed to defuse stress and reprogram the brain, quickly and effectively.

This easy to follow guide provides the tools and the framework for you to spearhead your commitment to transcend an aimless, negative mindset. The program takes out the guess work and sures up your commitment with daily instruction. What’s more, this can be practiced from anywhere!

Your mental habits are what determine your levels of happiness and success, and this program is a must have for all serious self-helpers.


“Your daily routine becomes your life, and your life should be extraordinary.” – Erin Ricketts, Author


Self-Help Non-Fiction


Ilustrations by Erin Ricketts

21 Days of Gratitude -Cultivating a Happy, Positive State of Mind

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