Taming Envy:How to Love Yourself and Your one Precious Life

Love it or not we have all experienced the crushing feeling of envy. It’s given a bad wrap. Ie. it’s considered a deadly sin and we call it the green-eyed monster, and for good reason: Unchecked it can really hurt and cause us to act in selfish, competitive and malicious ways. But, what is it? Why do we have it? And, can it be a useful thing?

In this article I'll be exploring

  • The mechanism that gives rise to these feelings,

  • Give some tips on how to manage them,

  • Outline ways you can absorb the lessons and get back to loving being the best version of yourself and your one precious life.

I have often been heard commenting to my clients in a clinical setting that I believe jealousy or envy is a rather poor description for a certain type of emotion that rears its head in an individual who feels such intense longing for an outcome in their lives which they feel powerless to realise, but which the universe seems to flaunt on another.