Throat Oil

Vissudha Chakra

The balanced Throat chakra (or Vissudha chakra) reverberates with honesty, brilliance, self-expression, affirmation, insight and personal truth.

It balances the axis between a lack of confidence in our personal expression and needing to dominate with words.

The chakra is associated with communication, the voice of our inner worlds and diseminating the acquired knowledge we have gathered from human experience. Sound is a powerful transmitter of energy and words have incredible power and potency. They can heal, renew relationships, offer insight, provide answers, inspire, comfort, educate and foster understanding. The lesser considered aspect of this chakra is also about receiving nourishment as the throat is also the portal through which we receive food. Being truly heard and accepted can also be incredibly nourishing.

The being in need of this oil may experience thyroid, fatigue, or immune issues, sore throat, colds,  speech challenges, neck pain, hearing difficulties, difficulty expressing or asserting themselves, a bottleneck of their emotions, tendency to suppress and erupt, intense fear of being “wrong” or “stupid” or feelings of being unheard, ignored or unimportant, an Inability to say “no” or have confidence in their speech. Conversely they may steamroll others by never backing down, shouting or clinging to the need to appear to be right. They may have issues with being disingenuous, as a means of protecting their true selves and feelings, because deep down they have feelings of being unlovable, unworthy, ignored or just not worthy of attention. It is only through vulnerability and honest self expression that one is capable of being seen and loved unconditionally. They may hide their true self or aspects of themselves away from the world. This can result in loneliness for true, fulfilling connection or communion.

This oil harmonises issues of confidence, worthiness and fear around reactions to our truth. Past experiences such as gaslighting, being told you are to be “seen and not heard” relationships with overly stubborn, combative or intellectual people, excessively critical partners, teachers or parents, bigotry, racism, homophobia, discrimination, criticism, witholding, being ignored or impossible expectations may have caused the throat chakra to become imbalanced.

A balanced throat chakra allows us to be able to be creative, communicate our ideas, emotions, needs and desires in a balanced way, to receive, to be ourselves and to revel in calmly expressing our own brilliance with joy, to walk by our truth in acceptance, consideration and eloquence. Express the grandeur of the self. Give voice to your powerful, unique essence and create beautiful reverberations in the world.

Other actions which aid in balancing this chakra are singing, chanting, mantra, affirmation, silence, neck stretches.


Affirmation: I am free to express my brilliance


Proprietary blend of Lavender, Spearmint, Star anise, Frankincence ,Geranium, Clove and Tea tree


Vissudha - Throat Chakra Aromatherapy Oil