Sacral Oil

Swadhisthana Chakra

The balanced Sacral chakra (or Swadhisthana) reverberates with creativity, emotional balance, sensuality, sexual energy, intuitive empathy and passion.

The sacral chakra is the axis between excessive self interest, indulging, over emotional or slothenly and self depreciation, non-emotive, over intellectual or lack of sensuality. 

The chakra is associated with creativity and innovation. From the foundational security the healthy base chakra provides the sacral chakra can create, explore, savour and improve our lives, it relates more to our emotional needs, sensuality, pleasure, passions,  burning desires and creature comforts.

This chakra may have been damaged by abusive relationships, draining, one sided relationships, disrespect, humiliation, shame, workaholism, overdoing it, survival issues, gas-lighting, having their needs or feelings minimised, sexual repression, unhealthy communication patterns with partners or family of origin, being parented by an emotionally or physically absent parent, trauma, social programming ie: being told to “man up”

The being in need of oil may experience sexual or reproductive blockages, addictions, attracting unhealthy relationships, codependency, people-pleasing, fear of abandonment, the need to constantly over-deliver, creative blocks or insecurities, lack of feeling, lack of inspiration, disbelief in one’s own creative abilities, digestive complaints, urinary, kidney or circulatory issues, lower back stiffness, dryness, stiffness, sterility, potency issues, difficulty attracting long term mates, difficulty connecting into the body, a lack of sensual awareness, lack of pleasure in life, mood issues, disembodied sexual activity or hormonal fluctuations. 

This oil harmonises emotional upsets, dresses emotional wounds from trauma, balances sexual energy and imparts a very grounded sensual energy, allowing one to feel comfy and fully and mindfully inhabit their body and experience their feelings, allowing emotional catharsis, acceptance of feelings and overcoming patterns. While men traditionally have more developed base chakras, as seen through their physical strength and protector roles, women traditionally have a more developed sacral chakra as more highly emotional, sensual beings, purveyors of comfort and empathy, and creators of new life from the physical location of the womb, however both men and women benefit from the creative, emotionally aware sensual, power of a balanced  sacral chakra.

Other pursuits which aid this charkra balanced sacral chakra are healthy, sensual, sex, belly dance, salsa dance, kegel exercises, drinking water, avoiding alcohol, eating ripe fruit, tantra yoga, communication and emotional connection.


Affirmation: I create with passion and joy. 


Proprietary blend of Jasmine, Clove, Cinnamon, Vertiver, Pachouli, Ginger,  Ylang ylang, Tangerine, Neroli and Star Anise, 


Swadhisthana - Sacral Chakra Aromatherapy Oil