Crown Oil

Sahasrara Chakra

The crown or Sahasrara chakra is the meeting point between the self and the universe, it governs the energies of thought, unity, universal consciousness and meditation. It is said to be the gateway through which we transcend the earthly to commune with “god.” 

It relates to the axis between being too earth bound and too spiritually focussed to apply yourself to your purpose in the real world.

The balanced crown chakra reverberates with bliss, balanced contentment, awareness, the highest, wisest version of yourself, higher consciousness, healthy cognition, transcendent consciousness, enlightened, alignment with highest ideals, truth, transformation, presence, divine connection, purpose, dharma, peace, following through on inspiration, divinely guided, connection, feeling of onement in all of life, acceptance and peace.

The being in need of oil may have difficulty detaching from earthly problem solving or earthly experience, Depression, confusion, escapism, apathy, boredom, inability to learn, glandular or nervous system imbalances, skin issues, over attachment, willfulness, unwillingness to acknowledge and accept one’s weaknesses, patterns of self-sabotage, inauthenticity to self, over thinking, chitta vritti (mind chatter,) hyperactivity, restlessness, boredom, feeling disconnected, overidentifying with material, earthly concerns or reputation. Deep or suppressed feelings of unworthiness, hyper focused on insignificant details, hyper focused on problems, inability to see the big picture, or the inability to see beyond self. There may be a frequent compulsion to “fix” a recurrent problem with overthinking, to no avail. The solution to issues is often found only after surrender, within our own consciousness. 

A balanced crown chakra allows one to see the beauty in the world, feel unity, experience deeper levels of acceptance, meditation, balanced contentment and enlightened moments. 

Other things which help to balance the crown chakra are Meditation, fasting and silence.

Affirmation: I am at peace


Proprietary blend of Frankincence, Myhrr, Sandalwood, Lemon, Arbirovate, Roman chamomile, Oregano and Melissa 

Sahasrara- Crown Chakra Aromatherapy Oil