Solar Plexus

Manipura Chakra

The balanced Solar Plexus  chakra (or Manipura) reverberates with the feelings of personal power, self-worth, esteem, humility, identity, connected, balanced relationships, supported, collaboration, prized and celebrated, pride, achievement, worthiness, success and belonging.

The chakra is associated with our status in our clan, the lustrous gem of our personality, social connection, community, teamwork, reputation and fame, our will, or ability to influence our world. It is the point in our energy body where our higher spiritual side mingles our human side, )our ego and how we express our true selves to the world.) The balance of this chakra is the axis between low self worth and over inflated sense of self.

The being in need of oil may be recovering from harsh social, spousal or parental expectations, relationships with excessively stubborn or controlling individuals, Narcissistic abuse, exclusion, not enough fun or pleasure, lack of community or social connection, being bullied or attacked by competitive rivals, being attacked by or excluded from a group, incarceration, broken home, an abject denial of praise or credit, power struggles, target of jealousy, under-appreciated, minimisation of accomplishments, loneliness, isolation, lack of support, rejection, minority or victim of bigotry, racism or homophobia, abandonment. They may experience issues with the metabolism, digestive system, food issues, addictions,  muscular problems, blood sugar issues or ulcers.

They may struggle with feeling a lack of success, influence or accomplishment or hyperfocus on becoming successful. A being may not feel safe, supported or confident enough to claim their personal power and space in the community which surrounds them, they may fear rejection, or even fear being a target if they receive “too much” positive attention, or eclipse the Narcissists in their life, and impose limits on their own greatness. They may, conversely struggle with narcissism themselves, and have a big ego and inflated, grandiose sense of self as a way to make up for deep shame and insecurity. They may not easily bear any criticism or admit wrongdoing. They may struggle with low energy, fanatical self improvement, a lack of integrity, (that is the ability to speak and act on the inspirations which align to their true inner nature.) They may deviate from their internal guidance system because they do not feel worthy, safe or confident to deviate from societal expectations. They may be in a pattern of seeing themselves as a victim, or powerless. They may be recovering from difficult life circumstances such as non-committal, dominating, draining, codependent, highly-competitive, toxic, jealous, narcissistic or abusive relationships, being overlooked or even ignored, high expectations, perceived "failures" or rejections, or a lack of appreciation or awareness of one's gifts and contribution to society.

Recoup your capacity to take full responsibility for your happiness and results in life, believe in yourself, express your true self, find center, even in competitive dynamics, begin expressing their authentic selves over their ego, be vulnerable and “real” take a stand and correct dominating or abusive relationships, reclaim your personal power and authority, strive for accomplishment of your hearts desires, allow yourself to shine, take part in life,  increase your social capital, develop a healthy positive reputation and forge positive, supportive social connections and rewarding relationships which encourage and allow you to shine in all your glory, and permit you to be vulnerably flawed. Enjoy intrinsic equality between all beings in your tribe, yet contribute your special skills and shine in harmony. 

Other actions which aid this chakra are trying new things, talk therapy, addressing deep shame, developing empathy and humility, exercise, like running or walking, healthy exorcising of pent up anger, letting go of unhealthy connections, setting goals, getting out in the sunshine, eating tumeric, ginger and yellow fruits and vegetables.


Affirmation: I am free to shine in my radiant glory, I am worthy, and I belong


Proprietary blend of : Bergamot, Coriander, Ginger, Margarom, Cedarwood, Cassia, Black pepper, Copiaba, Pink pepper,  Mandarin, Grapefruit and Cardamom.


Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra Aromatherapy Oil