Third Eye Oil

Ajna Chakra

The third eye chakra (or Ajna Chakra) governs the energies of intuition, perception, vision and intellect. It is associated with the eyes and the pineal gland, a light sensitive gland which is responsible for sleeping, waking and the bodies biochemistry lab for dreaming and psychedelic experiences.


The balanced Ajna chakra walks the line between intuitive, ungrounded, illogical, and overly idealistic or overly logical and emotionally or spiritually disconnected.

The balanced third eye chakra reverberates with spiritual wisdom, clarity of thought, light, truth, conviction, clarity, stillness, awareness, intelligence, instinct, divine instruction or guidance,  intuition and acute perception.

Like an observer, perceiving from our spirit allows us to disconnect from the human ego driven perspective of the events of our lives to discern the most enlightened method to face life's challenges as the person who we truly wish to be remembered as. Often our strong survival instincts (otherwise called our Ego) may draw us into lower vibration activities and override our spiritual side, because our body has immediate needs (like food and mates), our soul does not, it just wants enlightenment through human experience and the best of happiness for ourselves and others. The balanced third eye can provide instruction on the bigger picture, and how to navigate, if we are in tune.

The being in need of this oil may experience visual issues, sleep disruptions, blurred vision, eyestrain, nightmares, headaches  anxiety, conflict, overly analytical, competition, scarcity, lack, lack of forgiveness, excessive worry, lack of clarity, lack of self awareness, lack of direction in life, lack of spiritual purpose in everyday life, feeling life is drudgery, inability to focus, scatterbrained, easily distracted, disconnection to their highest ideals, denial, lack of clarity, challenges discerning the truth, indecisive or an outright refusal to attend to intuitive nudges. They may be unable to find an answer within themselves on how to respond to major life decisions.

One may like to ask for help or answers whilst applying the oil and may be used in conjunction with other healing work or meditation. 

This oil may help one to have faith in oneself, their intuition and choices, receive information through clairvoyance, to have clarity to make decisions, to hear their higher wiser selfs voice and find and fully commit to their life purpose. 

Other things which are supportive to the third eye chakra are avoiding fluoridated products, eye exercises, meditation, sunlight exposure, following a regular sleep/wake routine, minimising artificial light at night time, minimising EMF exposure.


Affirmation: I see and discern with clarity.


Propietary blend of: Clary sage, Cardamom, Frankincence, Copiaba, Melissa, Rosemary, Lemongrass,Yarrow, Litsea and Eucalyptus.


Ajna - Third Eye Chakra Aromatherapy Oil