Protect yourself and family from allergens, pollen, dander, dust, mould, smoke, pollution and toxic chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene with this geniune HEPA filter air purifier.

This portable lightweight unit purifies odors and emits negative ions. The unit can be run as quiet as 28dbs, which is quiet enough for bedroom usage. It's  affordability, multiple applications and ease of use make it a must have for your home or office.


Negative Ionizer

Portable deodorization Sterilizing Dusting, Negative Ionizer Generator.
Air Volume: 51-150m³/h
Voltage (V): 12V
Capacity (CFM): 51-150m³ / h
Style: Air Purifier
Application area: 11-20㎡
Installation: Portable
Formaldehyde Removal Rate: 99%
Type: HEPA Filter
Power Source: A.C. Source
Benzene Removal Rate: 99.00%
Noise: ≤30dB
Anion Density: >4000000pcs/m³
Application: 10-20m³
High and Low Air Speed Regulation
Product size:: 125x 194mm
Product weight:: 1.1kg
Cable length:: 1.5m
Amount of Negative Ions:: 5*10^6/cm³

HEPA Air Purifier

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